I absolutely love Caitlyn Vanessa Rogozinski

I love that her last name has ski at the end like my moms did, Moranski. It’s because we’re polish. And because we’re fucking badass.

I love that she’s a fucking manager at her job like I am. It’s only mcdonalds but I’ve realized that mcdonalds honestly takes better care of their employees than dominos anyway. Dominos has like no benefits. She loves her job and I’m just SO happy for that too. It’s very important that you are happy with whatever job you have.

I love how I still get nervous around her, like she’s WAY more attractive than me but she still insists I’m more attractive than her.

More than half the time, I swear she doesn’t realize how hot she’s being.

It’s hilarious how awkward it was when we first had sex and now it’s completely mind blowing every time.

She’s perfect.

I’m at mcdonalds right now eating FREE FOOD because I give her FREE PIZZA but I’m gonna go home and shower because I smell gross and then when she comes home at 5am I might be sleeping but if not we can get high and have sex and

I have to bring Chelsea to urgent care at 9am. Then I work at four. Caitlyn works 2-10 I think. I’m sleepy bye

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One Response to I absolutely love Caitlyn Vanessa Rogozinski

  1. dykespike says:

    Nope, you’re still hotter babe(; I love you so much, you’re a sweetheart<3

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