Caitlyn and Chris are drinking and watching Blue Is The Warmest Color. That movie is completely French but it’s watchable with subtitles. It’s alright. It’s cute. I just got home from work. So happy to have the next two days off. My ribs and biceps are SO sore. The show yesterday was so sick though, despite getting completely fucked over money wise. I don’t care, I’ll get over it eventually. I’m always getting fucked over with money. Whatever.

I love when Chris brings the kittens over. The two black ones (he calls them Marshall and Shady now) haven’t turned out as sweet as Peanut Butter and Bobo though.

I have to put all the towels, sheets and blankets away now from the other night. I just washed them all tonight. I just assumed everything was dirty after 5 people came to my apartment the other night without me or Caitlyn present. We gave them permission but had no idea 3 people intended to get absolutely wasted, vomit was everywhere pretty much. But it’s cool, I bleached my entire bathroom next day (sink, toilet, tub and floor) and our friend Thomas took care of the vomit on the futon and Caitlyn vacuumed.

It was definite insanity. It made me realize how good of a friend Olivia Chris and Thomas are, (3 of the 5 people who came over) and I’ve only met Thomas like two or three times

I’m mad at Caitlyn because we made plans to hang out tomorrow but today she decides to give her manager the OK for her to work 6 hours, and that just aggravates the fuck out of me, getting blown off by my own girlfriend but whatever, I guess I’m the selfish one aren’t i. Work is more important, works more important than me, sure. I’ll just remember to not make plans next time we share days off together. I mean we live together after all so who cares and when we do spend time together, it’s always with friends so no big deal

Ugh whatever

Edit at 2:05am

I lied. Chris’s cats are cuddly, and BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR IS REALLY HOT OMG

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