Everyone’s moved in to my apartment

And now apparently Sam wants to live with us too so we need a 4 bedroom for him and his gf. I’m really kinda leaving it up to everyone to find a place? Ugh idk I’m stressing out a little with Chris Olivia and Tom all living here in my small apartment with 7 cats and 2 dogs. Yes it’s a mess. And that’s stressing me out.

We need a bigger place this is going to drive me nuts.

I need to drink. I’m off today. And it’s a friday. How miraculous. It’s because I asked candy because I want to take Caitlyn on a haunted hayride. She has to pay for it because I’m Just Over Broke (j.o.b.) after rent, electric, internet and weed.


I’m aggravated

At least Caitlyn and I finally had sex after like, idk, 2 weeks ? Idk it feels like forever. It was nice. She’s yeah.


This has been such a good year though. Being 23 has been so good, I haven’t been happy like this since like 15 and 16.

Shit needs to happen asap though ugh

I wonder what time they start selling beer again

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