Funny how if I’m a bitch when im sober, it’s whatever but if I’m drunk, still being my bitchy self, then it’s all the alcohols fault and drinking is soo bad

Sorry I’m just a bitch. Truth hurts.

I love that my girlfriend loves music and instruments but doesn’t want to go to a show with me

And ditches me to dress in a tutu at work. Actually she didn’t ditch me, because that would’ve meant actually remembering.

I love how now I have 5 people and 9 animals living in my apartment and no one has made any decent attempt besides me on looking at houses for rent

Makes me wonder if I should even bother trusting/relying on anyone…

On the bright side I have a cat behind each of my ears purring.

But I’m legit ticked off.

Such a shame that the 4 other people I live with are gone right now, so I’m actually alone for once and all I want to do is cry

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