So this is hilarious, Olivia is legit pissed off at my honesty that I believe goes for everyone, not just her and now she wants to not live together

I believe it is important everyone works full time.

I have no idea at all what she said to me but the shit she’s telling Caitlyn is hilarious. I’m just a bitch/ridiculously mean. Haha!!!

I read her texts with Caitlyn and she said I’m 23 and I should act like it. That’s hilarious considering I have my own vehicle and have been paying the FULL AMOUNT OF RENT here for the past 4 years.. + all my other fucking bills, a word she’s probably just BEGINNING to grasp

Like did she even think about what she was texting? I really don’t know, maybe she’s really this fucking stupid. She makes it seem that by being my friend, she’s doing me a favor. Like I should need her

And yet here she is, very bitter towards her own MOTHER and GRANDMOTHER AND living with ME because she has nowhere else to go

But haha it’s me that needs to act my age haha


I. Can’t. Even.

And she told Caitlyn that her and Thomas and Chris are all gonna get a place together and just leave me and Caitlyn on our own

Which is Absolutely fine by me, SINCE THIS IS WHAT WE’RE DOING ANYWAY LOL

Seriously, Olivia is fucking DRAMA. Caitlyn has told me this a few times before.

MY LEASE IS UP IN ONE MONTH. Thomas is cool with me, Chris is cool with me and Caitlyn is in love with me and I’m cool with everyone and I’m in love with Caitlyn

Yes I was mad at Caitlyn for not coming to the show, it hurt me and if my fucking words hurt her back, well fuck it because I was in pain too and I wanted to make sure she gave a fuck

We’re okay now, we’ve cuddled and she does in fact give a fuck.


I seriously don’t need bullshit drama with Olivia because she can’t handle the fucking truth from me.

I definitely don’t want to live with her and Idgaf where she goes

OH I did notice something else she said very interesting, she said she was depressed and wanted to die. With that being said, defending myself in this whole post has been absolutely pointless because clearly she’s not fucking stable anyway AND I also wasn’t stable the other night when I made her butthurt because I was blackout drunk and I may not remember a thing we said to each other but the BS she told Caitlyn is absolutely fucking retarded and if she can’t admit that, fuck her.


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