I really don’t like the feeling of being taken advantage of. It’s something that has happened to me way too much.

I don’t know how much Chris and Olivia even plan on contributing but what was once us all getting a 4 bedroom house has turned into a 2 bedroom apartment because they clearly cannot be trusted financially.

It’s probably another reason thomas dipped.

Olivia says that her and Chris should have the bigger room, because they need it in case Chris’s friend Sarah comes to move in too. Really? And does this person I’ve met ONCE have a full time job? Because I don’t even know ??

Oh okay, you guys take the bigger room and invite a friend to come live for free too

Isn’t that funny?

Caitlyn doesn’t know how to put her foot down but I’ve lost too many friends in my life to really give a shit and I’m the one that makes the most income anyway

Like… I think I deserve to have a say, and I believe I don’t need either one of them so really I’m doing them quite a huge favor (Chris at least realizes it more than Olivia)

And honestly they don’t have a choice because without me and Caitlyn they’re both homeless. Olivia especially because she doesn’t even have her own fucking car

I just wish Caitlyn would step the fuck up to Olivia.

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