Today was a REALLY good day.

I’m gonna be working at both Mason and Trenton dominos for a while, and Mason is SUCH a break compared to Trenton. It’s soooo nice, especially since working overtime feels a lot less like working too much now.

I love the change. It’s still dominos but shit is just done differently there. It’s just change and it’s a relief. PLUS one of the assistants gave me a roach and a driver smoked me up after work on a joint!!!! Hell yeahhhh

Fucking Chris randomly got a boyfriend too. He showed us this picture of this person he was talking to, they looked cool AND HE LIKES POP PUNK. I MIGHT FINALLY HAVE A SHOW BUDDY. It’s just slightly weird because Chris just started talking to this person a couple of days ago and today was the first day he brought him up and today they met and now they’re dating lol but the person seems cool (seriously I can’t even remember his name lmao) ((and he’s actually a girl but just identifies as male))

Something else happened this morning that was absolutely awful, although it didn’t really effect me at all, but this apartment complex literally not even a block away, literally a 60 second walk, burned down hardcore. The whole roof in the building is gone and it started sometime around 10 or something and I finally woke up out of bed at like noon.

I saw out my window that the road was closed (and people who lived on the road had to drive on the sidewalk to get on the other road) so I went to check it out and dude, I literally was put in tears. It must have been a tragedy for some people… Just imagine all your belongings burning to dust. That would be devastating. ALL MY CATS WOULDVE RAN AWAY AND I MIGHT NEVER HAVE SAW THEM AGAIN!. That is heartbreaking, it was just so heartbreaking.

And then that really helped me feel better about my life. That was a nice feeling.

I really should sleep nowww Caitlyn’s cute AF

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