So dead at Mason

This is how I know mason is full of rich people and Trenton is full of drunks.


We should be moving into the new place on the 22nd. We get December free rent and A FREE TV as a move in special. Pretty badass. The place is two stories and we have a back patio that faces the woods so that’s cool.

Caitlyn talked to Olivia about getting a car but she can’t afford it. Of course. She needs Caitlyn and Chris to help pay her phone bill. Of course. She only makes like $100 a week, if that.

Whatever. Chris has been unemployed for forever now and he still somehow has money so even though he’s a retard he’s still smart sorta lol.

Btw him and Jude lasted like two days LOL long story but he added me on snapchat so we’re still gonna be concert buddies.

Wow now someone orders

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