Caitlyn’s working over night tonight, I love when she does because she always gets off during breakfast and she brings me home a mcgriddle and small coffee just how I like it ❤ she makes me so happy. And when she works over night, she comes home and we sleep away the morning and sometimes early afternoon together ❤

Chris starts work tomorrow, yay for Chris. Idk what's going on with him and Jude but it looks like it's going okay. Jude weirds me out a little though, because he's told me and probably all of us by now that he has depression. He's smoked weed like 6 or 7 times before but it makes him have crazy anxiety. He gets too paranoid. That really blows. But what was weird was when he posted a snapchat story saying he wanted to get hit by a car. Like I get that being depressed, you should seek attention but what is posting that on social media going to do for you? He reminds me of Courtney a little but not as bad. Courtney is crazy as fuck lol

Olivia's grandma texted Olivia asking if she could take Olivia out to dinner some time and they could talk because grandma misses Olivia. She really should. It would be a great step in maturity if she did. But who knows. I don't like hanging out with Olivia much. She got me coffee today though lol she said something like "do you love that I still love you enough to get you coffee" idk it was weird. Idk I'm not comfortable around her much anymore since after TWY show.

Alisa wanted to come over this morning but we were all sleeping. Alisa texted Olivia instead of me or Caitlyn. Olivia told her that none of us wanted to see her.

Yeah Alisa got crazy drunk that one time but she constantly wants to apologize. We exchanged numbers tonight and I told her to text me or Caitlyn, NOT Olivia.

I really have a bad feeling that Olivia is gonna be all like 'yeah this is MY apartment, this is MY place' even though she is contributing 0% and rarely ever cleans or picks up after herself. We are providing for her almost 100% it seems and she doesn't even respect us as much as Chris did.

Packing is going really slow.

I probably should like…. Go to the office soon and tell them I'm moving . Lol 😅

I'm so happy Caitlyn is splitting rent with me ❤ it's really dumb how Chris and Olivia call us mommy and daddy, (and they're brother and sister) but at the same time it's a huge compliment. I mean it's not much of a bad thing to be considered that responsible. (Btw I’m daddy) Plus they just really feel like we're all a family. Which is cool I guess. (Btw fuck gender roles)

I've never had better friends than The Nobodies though. But that's a really long time ago.

I feel like my cats are more my family lmao. This stray cat came up close to me outside tonight, gray tabby, looked so much like and meowed so much like Samsara. I picked him up by the scruff and brought him inside and he was suchhhh a sweetheart to all the other cats who all came swarming to sniff the stranger lmao he was very scared though but he was so docile too I love him I hope he comes back. I had to let him back out because he seemed sad anyway but I'm already attached ugh. They're like Pokemon I just want to have them all. Cream puff doesn't come around that much anymore but I still see him but he never wants food anymore which is probably a good thing lol hopefully.

Is this blog too long? I'm just waiting for Caitlyn to come home ❤

I'll just play mahjong now

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