Caitlyn and I never have alone time anymore, at all


Saturday is the move day or something. Idc I JUST WANT A FUcking clean room again.

My apartment is a mess, so is my head, I literally feel like I’ve just given up.

Olivia seriously tried to trick me and Caitlyn into giving her $100. Chris needs a bed and Olivia wanted to sell hers to me and Caitlyn, then let Chris have our bed. I have a twin size bed and Olivia has a queen or something. Believe it or not, Caitlyn and I sleep absolutely fine, I almost never feel squished but when I do I just flip sides and cuddle her feet. Caitlyn ended it in the best way possible “no we’re happy with ours, ask Chris though” SINCE HE NEEDS A BED. But he doesn’t have any money, just like her. So of course try taking advantage of the actual responsible adults here. Or you could just be a decent person and give your friend your bed if you didn’t want it. I swear her brain is broken.

It’s all good because apparently her and jake are gonna get married and get their own place very soon. It’s not good actually because there’s a lot of doubt in that really happening.

I’m getting tired of working 50 hour weeks but I can’t let myself stop anytime soon. I really want to buy the things I want. Let’s see if I can make a list so I don’t forget

Thief club new cd
Fuck off and dies new cd
Motion city soundtrack tickets 19th and 21st January
Silverstein tickets February 24th
Caitlyn stuff
More CDs

Yeah that about sums it up idk

Everyone’s asleep I’m tired but I hate thoughts. Like nothing’s ever gonna go right. I don’t know if I see us living at this new place for more than a year and actually being happy.

I guess having more space will be nice, this apartment really has become SO miserable. I’m not looking forward to taking posters down, and seeing the holes and ugly naked stuffiness of this place. I’ve really lived here too long. I don’t want to live anywhere for too long again.

I really should work more, and just let everyone else do the moving, hah, the more away I am, the less I have to do. Changing my address for everything is easy, I just don’t want to deal with anything, I just don’t. I didnt even care to move, I’m only doing it now because Chris and Olivia moved in and I NEED space from them. Im getting more space than I can afford, Caitlyn is forced to help. They can’t even take care of themselves…

I wish Caitlyn and I had more time together. I wish it was just us.

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