Today was pretty nice, and more hopeful.

First off, Caitlyn and I now own a puppy, and honestly it’s just literally a baby. Literally requires our attention 24/7 I’m realizing. She’s only 5 weeks old, I’m hoping that it wasn’t too young for her to be taken away from her mom and siblings. But she’s eating dog food, and I guess Mandy told Caitlyn she’s just tired of cleaning up after them lol can’t blame her.

She’s already peed in the bed twice… Fortunately it doesn’t smell at all because Caitlyn is wonderful ❤ we also fortunately have puppy pads for her. We put her in the bathroom for the night to sleep and we realized we should probably leave the light on haha oops. Poor baby ❤ she's very quiet now though,

OMGG I just jinxed it ugh. She WAS sleeping the past hour at least…

Dogs are sooo damn needy. Fortunately Olivia will be home all day and Chris will be home all day after two to watch it. She's whining now, hopefully she doesn't start yelping… Ugh I should probably cuddle her back to sleep

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