So I’m just gonna try one time and one time only, to see if she’ll just sleep in the bed with us, I swear if she pees or poops while we’re sleeping, on the bed, without waking us up, I won’t do it again. I just can’t. Hopefully she just sleeps… Maybe she just doesn’t want to be alone… Idfk

She really is the cutest thing in the world though. She has a fucking Mohawk on her back.

Anyway, besides this puppy,

Candy also wants to hire Chris now since I keep begging her lmfao. She seriously loves me. She also gave me a pair of shoes today since mine are now in the trash . They were done lmfao. Holes and everything. Idk why but I just literally could care less about shoes. I wear them till they fall off my feet. I just don’t care. And my mind is on a million other things to spend money on.

I want to get Chris an ashtray and bong or bowl for Christmas. Olivia got us all something, now I feel like I should get her something but I don’t have a clue what

Candy also got me something BESIDES the shoes and I reeeeally don’t know what to get her

I suck at this

Chris starts mcdonalds tomorrow and hopefully starts dominos the 2nd week in December. I have so much faith in him now being an extreme help with the new place. Just gotta somehow squeeze Olivia out


I DEFINITELY have to see Story Of The Year, Greek Fire and Fuck Off And Dies in Chicago. And BAYSIDE, SENSES FAIL and MAN OVERBOARD OMG. HavEnt picked which date of that to go to yet though. Either Cleveland, Chicago or PA. Or maybe DENVER CO IF IM RICH ENOUGH BY THEN LOL FUUUCK!

I love Caitlyn

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