It’s thanksgiving

I haven’t been high in dayyyys

I love my cats to pieces and I love this puppy so much. My girlfriends hot and we get to have this WHOLE weekend alone together oh my gay.

I cant wait to get everything put away and set up a game of beer pong

Olivia’s moving out too on the 2nd and I am STOKED for that, plus Chris is gonna be working with me at dominos and with Caitlyn at mcdonalds and that’s awesome

Motherfucker needs to quit smoking cigarettes though. At least he’s respectful but still.

I still haven’t taken down my posters at the old place. There’s still a few things we need to get. Plus i plan on cleaning the FUCCCCKKKKK out of that carpet. The walls are still fucked but hopefully I can fix the carpet. I never realized how bad the ammonia level was in there :(. I mean I did live there three years. We gave away Peanut Butter and hopefully we get rid of Marshall soon. Then our only problem cats will be Bonito and Shady but 2 is easier than one. Plus we’ve all caught the cats actually use the litter box, they just don’t ALWAYS. We have 7 litter boxes now and 6 cats.

I’m really gonna miss Cream puff and the gray tabby that always came to my window for food. Cream puff has visited me for over a year. The gray tabby just started recently.

I’m a crazy cat lady and I’m proud. Cats are amazing.

I should sleep but i want cereal


Festival Of Lights was amazing, so is this girl

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