The last thing I want to do is cause drama so to avoid that I feel like I need to just shut up. Stop caring.

I will. Fuck it. I seriously feel like I’m just a fucking bitch and that’s all I’ll ever amount to. So be it. I’ll stop caring. I found that it’s much easier.

But that’ll probably be fucking annoying too when I stop caring. One hour ago I had nothing on my mind but fucking cutting myself. I can’t even believe it. I told myself in my head that I wished I would die so I would stop being such a inconvenience to everyone who cross paths with my life. Obviously I’m not that fucking spectacular.

I really shouldn’t even post this blog. Talk about being overdramatic and being a stupid bitch.

My skin is dry and it hurts and it’s itchy and it sucks and fuck everyone who likes the fall/winter better than summer/spring. It’s still technically fall I think. It’s always fucking rainy and ugly and freezing out and my skin is drying because this is seriously the best season ever huh?? I hate having to wear lotion. I hate having to make exceptions. I am hateful today and I don’t give a fuck. I guess people love this time of the year because of the wonderful holidays! Halloween is for kids only unless you’re going to a party with either drugs and/or alcohol, thanksgiving is for the ones who don’t even remember the ORIGIN of the holiday, and for those who can’t be thankful the rest of the 364 days of the year, Black Friday needs no words for how selfish it is, (unless it’s online shopping) and of course Christmas, the most expensive/stressful time of the year, and I’m not even talking about for me, there’s been some rude as fuck people who just can’t seem to be content with a discount, and no im not gonna mention the other holidays that other people celebrate that I’ve never been a part of so I don’t know much at all about them but they probably suck too.

This is my only day off work. I’ve worked 50+ hours the past 3 weeks I believe and honestly it’s all I want to do anymore. I don’t want to be home.

I’ve also done nothing but listen to Off With Their Heads for 3 weeks straight, I was actually pretty impressed by how I couldn’t get sick of them. I don’t know what it is. The very first time I listened to them, I saw them live and was blown away from the first song, I’ve been addicted since. But now I’m listening to Cauterize, a band that broke up like a decade or something ago.

Jack is my favorite animal in the world. He’s the smartest cat to ever exist. FUCK everyone who says dogs are better. There is NO competition and those people can fucking die slowly.
Not a single fucking entity can compare to Jack and I’d fucking kill anyone who disses on my fucking cat.

Cats are graceful (most of the time) they’re MUCH more gentle compared to dogs, and they’re more quiet plus they fucking purr when they’re happy. I had guinea pigs growing up and they purred. Maybe that’s why I’ve become a cat person. Unfortunately I’ve become allergic to guinea pigs and I think it’s actually quite a tragedy for me. If I became allergic to cats I don’t think I would ever be happy again.


Cats hug by head butting but Jack likes to head bash me at least a hundred times a day

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