Holy shit I feel so much better than I did earlier this week. I didn’t even realize it but I almost hit 60 hours this week.

I was actually ready to drop dead Saturday night. I closed Friday, stayed behind a little extra to make sure I got a head start on prepping and fell asleep by 5 or 6. Saturday morning I woke up at 8 and went in at 9:10ish and didn’t leave till 9:30. I just felt ready to drop dead but I stayed alive for two beers a hot bath and a smoke session with/and my girlfriend ❤

A hot bath Friday night and a coffee Saturday morning really helped me through it.

It really wouldn't have been that bad I swear but let me just say I absolutely fucking hate when dominos does 50% off online ordering. There has never been so many extra large pizzas, artisan pizzas and fucking legend/gourmet pizzas. It was a ridiculously exhausting week. All began on Monday. Yeah and not to mention candy was on vacation in Florida till Friday and even while she was on vacation she was texting me upset with service times like bitch drink your fucking margarita on a sunny day on the beach omg lmao

But last night she made the schedule and she really wanted to give me a break, she can tell when I'm beat.. But there's like literally absolutely no help and I feel kinda bad… I'm so used to working every weekend. I mean if it's not me it's gonna be candy working open-close…

So I asked her if she wanted me to help out Saturday and she texted me this

"No….it's ok. You have worked really hard for me the past few weeks, especially while I was on vacation. I promised you a weekend day off. I'm sticking to my word. I have 4 boys staying late with me and 3 if them are closing. They will have to help. It's all good. Thank you tho for the offer….love you."

It's just really nice when someone appreciates you that much that they screw themselves over

I have a really good manager and I'm happy I work for her

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