I hope alisa didn’t move in just so she could fuck her boyfriend. I don’t even know if she really is “moving in” I think she just wants a place to fuck this kid, idk.

Tonight she was telling me how she went to her ex’s to buy weed and he showed her 2.5 grams so she just gave him a $20 and ran. It actually sounds hilarious and at least she gave him something. But idk

Everyone needs to start paying more attention to spike and if they don’t like it, they can get out.

Caitlyn really needs to start cleaning up her shit more .. Especially when it’s in the hallway. I know you work 40 hours and go to school but you cannot ask someone to clean up your dogs shit because that is really selfish.


I need to stop drinking every night. I can’t say no if someone smokes me up lol yeah I also need to buy more soon but idk when. I actually feel financially okay for the first time since I bought the plane tickets to Arizona in September

Omg mind is racing. That stuff Alisa got was really nice. We watched the perks of being a wallflower 2 nights in a row. That movie is ridiculously cute.

OMG Alisa and jimmy need to quit being so loud too. EwWwWwWwWw freEeEeEeaks lol

OMG I HAVENT BEEN IN SCHOOL IN SO LONG AND I REALLY THINK ITS HAVING AN EFFECT ON ME. I need to get like an English book or something and do brain exercises oR SOMETHING. I should also really stop drinking every night because I feel like my brain cells are fucking dying. My body feels worse than good.

I wish I could fall asleep. Omg I haven’t read my book in weeks.

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