I’m at biolife and I was literally about to update and I got EXTREMELY lightheaded and I was about to pass the fuck out. I was like 34 ml in donating and I couldn’t take it. But that was definitely 34 ml of hell.

I’m so happy Caitlyn was next to me because I didn’t have the energy to get a nurse, I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. Once again I’m like “Caitlyn… Please help me….” Lmao the first time I was like that was when I had edibles for the first time.

My whole damn problem was being dehydrated. I should’ve drank more water this morning. Fuck I even felt exhausted after the coffee. Caitlyn at least fed me good. I had two chocolate chip pancakes and 3 slices of turkey bacon but only having coffee fucked me up. In fact, when I was done drinking the coffee this morning, I practically fell to the floor in between Caitlyn’s legs and even told her I felt like I just ran a race and I was exhausted and my heart was pounding

Ugh lol oh well. I told Caitlyn as soon as the nurse put the needle in me that idk if I want to donate anymore but now that I’m hydrated I want too again. I think being dehydrated made it hurt more too.

Oh well whatever. At least I got free water and crackers again lol. I may try again in a few days. I’m only allowed to donate twice a week and I have to do 3 more donations by the 19th to get $200 more.

I want a freaking fire pit for the patio dammit. Caitlyn and I have to pay rent tomorrow first.

I have 50 hours again this week but next week I get two days off, one of them Caitlyn is off too and she better fucking stay off of work lol she might have to go to class though I think :/

Blah. Caitlyn is a jerk, after I got back to the waiting room I was like “DAMMIT LOL” and then she says “I WIN” I’m gonna eat her. AND SPIKE.

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