really looking forward to this weekend being over so i can have some days off. and days off to spend with Caitlyn. i won’t see her at all tomorrow. she works 9am-6pm and i work 5pm-1am. really lame stuff.

we have so much to do. we need to check out the Cincinnati museum, get a new water bong, road trip to taco johns, and also i want to hang out with my work friend Alex some time next week, he’s got a new puppy that’s a golden retriever and i told him we should chill and smoke and let our puppies play with each other haha. spike needs a buddy.

i still need a fire pit.

i’m gonna smoke and read my book now, it’s Fly A Little Higher by Laura Sobiech. it’s about her son Zach that passed away on May 20, 2013 from cancer. his youtube documentary was soo moving. i love the songs he’s made with his band A Firm Handshake. i really love Fix Me Up, Sandcastles, Clouds and Coffee Cup. i only was able to read the first chapter the other day but in one chapter, i was already laughing and crying. it’s great lol.

it is literally my dream job to do something in the marijuana industry… dispensaries make millions and weed fucking helps SO MUCH medically… i really believe if my mom smoked weed instead of cigarettes, she wouldn’t be dead right now.

i will always be strongly supportive of weed and i don’t give a shit if people think weed is immature. honestly cigarettes are fucking immature. and deadly.

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