this whole day flew the fuck by in the blink of an eye. i swear it’s like it didn’t even happen.

i wake up and caitlyn’s already gone to work and i come home and she’s already sleeping.
that shit really blows. i hate not being able to spend time with her because of our work schedules.

i was really scared today, i was wondering and thinking that i might’ve broke/fractured/fucked up my tail bone from busting my ass on the 30th down the stairs but at the same time, i’m pretty sure if i broke my tail bone or something, it probably would be a lot more painful than this. it just kills me every time i bend down to get something or even just standing and walking, it hurts. laying down and sitting up straight are the only ways to not feel it. the bruise is too small for the pain it’s making me feel. massaging it helps.

hopefully it goes away asap but i’m probably going to feel like this for a few weeks. ugh FUCK SLIPPERS.

Definitely attending the candlelight vigil for Leelah Alcorn next Saturday in Cincinnati. There’s another in Dayton on the 17th in a Church. I want to go to it too. Chelsea’s definitely going to both, Jude might go to one of them? Caitlyn’s ex-coworker/transgender friend FTM is going too.

idk if Caitlyn is going to either. i honestly don’t think she even cares, even though i told her she should really look up the story/suicide note.. but whatever.

it’s annoying how invested she is in her job. like i’m proud i’m finally dating someone who works full time, has her own car and stuff but let’s be real here, you’re not actually making … i don’t know, not even $25,000 a year? i mean i know it’s less than me. i love my job and it’s very important to me, but i don’t go in on my days off. i don’t deal with shit at all unless i’m actually on the clock. she’s always bringing work home with her, you could say. it’s just annoying.

i really would like to lay down and read my awesome book right now but if i want any chance on my bed, that would mean forcing Spike off and that sorta makes me feel bad if i were to do that. it would be nice to lay next to my girlfriend right now though.

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