so it’s for sure that i’m attending vigils for Leelah on the 10th in Cincinnati and on the 17th in Dayton. there was one today at her high school, hundreds attended.

this dipshit i work with asked me earlier if i went and i told him it’s not till like 6 or 7 or 8 but he was like no, there was another that was earlier this morning and he fucking said 5500 people attended. 5500. like. no. i googled local news about the vigil tonight and there was NOTHING about anything earlier and it only said hundreds attended.

like… why would you make up some lie about it. i already know he’s a cocky piece of shit and fortunately i work with him tomorrow to call him out on his bullshit. i will too, i don’t care. it’s usually dudes that are like this. Not to be sexist but men tend to have problems with girls for bosses. at least here in Ohio it seems more that way

Ohio fucking sucks.

but anyway

i really hope besides these next two saturdays, that something about Leelah gets mentioned at the pride events in June. There’s a ton of vigils all across the state. There’s others in Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland so it’s pretty fucking viral. I actually saw that something in Washington D.C. was going to be done too. I’ve signed two petitions, one on and another that was just made today on There’s a facebook page for Justice For Leelah that i follow that helps give all the updates.

I mean it’s fucking 2015 now, it’s about time conversion therapy was made ILLEGAL. There’s a reason Exodus shut down, the founder is still fucking gay!

Hopefully next will be sexual orientations and gender identity being taught in schools. That’s what Leelah wanted. that’ll be a tough one though. I mean maybe schools could start with actually teaching shit that fucking means something later on in life first but who knows.

Another thing about school, i was thinking about Leelah’s suicide note, how her parents took away her friends, took her out of public school, social media, and isolated her for so long and is it bad that i relate? I went to catholic school and was pretty much always grounded over my grades. Caitlyn says yeah when parents ground their kids, they take away video games, the computer and you’re not allowed to go out etc, but is that really the right way to punishing a kid? i don’t know, because like i said, i relate to the punishing but not because of my sexual orientation, i got punished like that over my grades in school and i was thinking maybe that could be why i fucking hate the thought of going to college so much. it’s just stressful and awful. Caitlyn said when she got grounded like that, she would work harder and try to do better. It didn’t really make me want to work harder, it just made me depressed. But maybe it just depends on the kid. Who knows, i definitely don’t.

Caitlyn has been sick for like 2 weeks or something and it doesn’t seem like she’s getting better. Maybe she’s not taking enough medicine or something but it’s really depressing me. I miss the shit out of her. I miss hanging out with her, i don’t even know when the last time we had sex was. I cried in her arms earlier today.

I woke up today and when i went down stairs, the living room was like a pigsty and that depressed me too. There’s cups with drinks in them left out, water bottles everywhere, blankets and clothing on the floor, and there’s even fucking dutchy guts from a blunt wrap on the table and carpet, like what the fuck. alisa isn’t home right now, i don’t know if she’s been home at all today but come on.

it’s also suuuuuper annoying that we HAVE to tell chris when to take out the trash. like you can’t just walk by it, SEE THAT IT’S OVERFLOWING, and take it out yourself. Nope, wait for “mommy and daddy” to tell you. Like come the fuck on dude. Chris’s chore is trash, mine is dishes and Caitlyn’s is vacuuming. Alisa doesn’t have one because she’ll probably be moving out in a few months or SOMETHING. At least she’s already given me and caitlyn more money than chris has.

2015 may not be a good year for me. 2012 sucked, 2013 sucked worse, 2014 was quite nice. i think 2016 will be grand. but that’s a year from now. i’m gonna fucking FIGHT to make sure 2016 is grand. Caitlyn has to be my lady for life for 2016 to be grand. Hopefully she’s okay with that because i won’t be okay if she’s not okay.

dogs are weird.

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