yesterday was a really great day. despite the start of it. hot chocolate got spilled on Caitlyn’s phone so it got really fucked up, and then my new book Fly A Little Higher got fucked up, ripped up and chewed on (i already bought a new one which will hopefully be here on the 12th.) and Caitlyn and i also realized we should probably never shower together anymore. i like hot showers. she likes cold showers. it just doesn’t work.

but we ate at cracker barrel for breakfast, went to the Cincinnati museum and saw REAL mummies, then we went shopping for some things, including a fire pit yay, and we had O’Charley’s for dinner and then we drank a little at home. Chris had to wake up early for work and then Alisa had to work overnight so no one was really around to hang out so that sucked. And all the wood was really too frozen to burn and i didn’t buy firewood because buying wood seems really dumb when i’ve got like woods in my backyard lolol. but yeah. Caitlyn and I finally had sex so that was nice.

it snowed a lot last night. there’s actually snow outside for like the 2nd time this season lol. Wednesday is supposed to get as low as -2 outside so that blows. I’m dumb and left the firepit and chair outside last night so everything got snowed on, oops. whatever.

Spike really likes snow though lol

Spike also ate cat poop today.

I have to go to work soon.

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