Tried to donate plasma today but I wasn’t allowed because my blood pressure was off. The lady asked if I just smoked but I don’t smoke. Didn’t even drink any coffee this morning. I’m definitely not as nervous as I was the first two times coming here, and I’m definitely not excited to get a needle up my arm lol

I have a feeling it’s because of all the drama last night. It’s gotta be. My cat Jack knew I was upset last night.. When me and Caitlyn were laying in bed, he sat right by me as if the say “I’m here if you need to pet me” lmao I love him. And he was very persistently wanting to lay on me and purr and headbash me/get pets. He’s such a great cat. He really cares. He’s always got his eyes on me it’s creepy but hilarious and awesome lol

Yeah. Caitlyn should be done soon. She’s really fast at pumping lol

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