chris told caitlyn that he would call the cops or hit me if i ever came near him

that’s fucking hilarious. he’s obviously fucking scared of me.

but dude, he’s a guy, and he admitted that he would hit me , a girl.

i remember one time he was telling us a story how he was accused of raping a girl or something, i mean jesus if you’d hit one, there’s no doubt in my mind now that you’d rape one.

oh my god he’s the biggest piece of shit i know right now.

i didn’t even like him in the beginning.. he knows this and caitlyn knows this. i just got used to him because caitlyn was friends with him. He’s the biggest imbecile i know when he’s drunk and/or high. Just when he’s high, he’s, no offense to the mentally handicap, but he’s definitely just incapable of anything. i didn’t even want to say retarded because that’s being nice. at least the retarded have an excuse. Like, he’ll be in a certain position and then ask someone to help him up. like dude. just get the fuck up, what the fuck. he has always been annoying as hell.

i seriously feel bad for olivia and jake. Me and Olivia had differences a few months back but she was at least reasonable. She came over still to exchange xmas gifts, we had no bad tension. Chris… there’s no hope anymore. Unless that motherfucker has an epiphany with life but i still wouldn’t trust him. I mean my stupid fucking ex seemed to have gone through a complete change since we broke up but i wouldn’t want to say shit to her. Although i never liked chris from the beginning but my ex definitely fucked me over in ways unforgivable.

when i came home tonight, i could tell someone did some cleaning. caitlyn says jimmy did it. Jimmy already just fucking gets it. Alisa and Jimmy are taking over Chris’s old room now, and i sorta secretly wish it was mine and caitlyns because of the bigger closet space but i guess our room is bigger to make up for it. I want us all to have a family photo together lol Alisa’s baby is due in August. I’m not sure when she’s going to the doctors for ultrasounds and such but I know she wants us to be there for her

I’m scared of having a baby here. I have never been good with kids. They’re crazy. Everyone else i’ve ever known has always been like awww how cute or everyone i’ve known has at least held a baby before but noooope not me lol i avoid it. babies freak me out, like they spit, drool and poop and shit, i’m not game for that. hopefully i’ll never have to babysit because uhhhhhh and i wonder how loud a baby’s cry can be because i’m scared.

also when i came home, i tried to decide on coffee or beer and the beer won. i think it’s funny that i wanted one or the other. caitlyn comes home at 6am and the past couple nights i haven’t slept till like 7am.

I want to stay up and wait because it makes me so happy when she comes home.

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