caitlyn seriously hates me because i “threatened” to kill spike. i said i was going to kill her. i guess caitlyn has never heard a figure of speech before. i can’t even vent to my girlfriend about anything because she always get pissed at me for having simple frustrations with anything. she says “what if i threatened to kill jack” i’d be upset huh? first off, i’m highly assuming that if you say such a thing, it could be because jack shits and pisses everywhere and walks into rooms like tornados. let’s assume jack does this in order for you to say such a thing. I evaluate jack’s issue and i fix the problem. hm,no, i’ll just be pissed at you instead. and then try to pin shit on your perfect dog spike to ignore THE WHOLE ISSUE.

honestly, caitlyn barely does shit for spike besides occasionally picking up her shit. I can’t count how many times I’ve cleaned and STEPPED in piss. I CANNOT walk around this apartment in socks EVER because i step in piss daily. Alisa cleaned up the whole living room yesterday, because spike rips and tears anything up. On a daily basis. Because she’s a puppy and has a lot of energy and her own mom won’t fucking make time to play with her. so then it becomes MY fault for not helping caitlyn (funny because i play with her a hella lot more than caitlyn does… if she does…)

we had this dilemma a few weeks back about caitlyn not having any “help” to clean up poop and that i refused to help her. God forbid she does at least ONE thing with her busy schedule in life. She never takes spike for walks. Absolutely never. What she does, is let her run freely in a non-fenced backyard out the back patio. granted she stays pretty close most of the time but for the most part when she goes outside, its just to run around and play. She comes right back in to take a shit. Caitlyn does nothing to punish her and let her know it’s wrong. Nothing. She’s not going to stop doing this if she doesn’t.

And here i am, being a huge asshole for being upset about this.

I’m so sick of caitlyns problems with me. i’m done. I’ve bought spike treats, i bought her the huge leash we have, i play outside with her at night quite often and clean up her piss countless times. i tolerate her but now caitlyn fears for her life because i said a figure of speech. what the fuck ever. Like i’d really fucking hurt an animal. i’m sure it’ll be a lot easier to take care of spike now that she has no need to spend time with me anymore, at all. just keep going to the masque every night and hanging out with friends, because now i’m out of the picture.


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