i come home from work tonight and ley and chelsea are in the living room.they’re totally about to date soon. they seem really cute together too. chelsea dates a lot of abstract people. i think ley is going to be REALLY good for chelsea.

I come upstairs, my girlfriend is in the shower, getting sexy, and then alisa is in the hallway. drunk as shit. jimmy is here too, i REALLY don’t understand why, but whatever. i think alisa just wants someone to fuck but who knows. i’m really confused by them.

when my girlfriend comes out of the shower, i gave her the proper sex that i was going to give her dayyyyyyys ago before she hated mee and then she goes to sleep. she has to go to school from 9am-12pm.

i go downstairs because everyone else sounds like they’re having a blast because everyone else is drunk as all hell. i bought caitlyn this drink called hurricane, it’s like a huge bottle and a parrot bay rum bottle. i even told her i should’ve bought two of the hurricane bottles because just like i thought, alisa drank most of it. in fact, she even started getting out my long island iced tea even though i told her that she’s drunk enough

and chelsea told me that ley is also on some pills, she didn’t tell me what. like um dude that’s deadly? idk whatever. i just didn’t want anyone drinking my LIIT, because everyone definitely had enough alcohol that they didn’t even spend money on. but whatever. i know alisas depressed and she called off work tonight so cody covered her shift. i have to pick him up at 5am. he’s worked 10 hours. it seems like from what caitlyn tells me that he likes to work and doesn’t mind staying extra. that’s really cool of him. a lot of people who only work 20 hours really do their best to keep it that way for some reason lol like how do you even support yourself lol whatever.

i just drank some delicious coffee and idk what to do anymore. i want to read but i can’t turn on the light because i don’t want it to bother caitlyn.

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