Apparently it could be possible that Alisa miscarried because she’s been taking pills. It might be the muscle relaxers ley took the other night. That’s what Katie was telling me tonight when I picked Cody up from work. I told Caitlyn I’m not okay with anyone drinking AND taking pills. It’s also really not cool that Alisa never told me she’s been taking shit,… She already knows how I feel about it after that one time she did with Caitlyn so she’s probably scared to tell me.

But Idk how to really make anyone stop at the same time. Apparently Alisa is also really mad at Katie because Katie’s been saying “Alisa brought all this upon herself” … I know Alisas been really upset, at least…

At the same time I’ve drove home from Columbus and from Cincinnati in the same week after i was drinking… I could say I had roughly a little more or the exact amount of 64oz of beer. I mean at least I’m not a fucking moron and I realize I could get in a lot of trouble, I kept my cruise control on for majority of the way home from Columbus so I didn’t speed by accident.

But I guess we’re all doing shit that could kill us,

I’m cold I have a headache I need water I’m cold bye

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