Alisa is doing so much better. She’s so much happier and it feels so relieving. Last night she cleaned and cooked dinner for everyone and she’s been doing a lot of people’s hair (she’s a hairstylist) and she’s been really happy with herself. She told me and Caitlyn that she doesn’t even want to smoke weed because it makes her feel lazy and I get that. Alisa also said that her aunt has done her taxes for her and apparently she’s getting like $1500 back or something. That’s crazy lol. She also said she thinks it’s best that her and Jimmy only see each other like 3 times a week so it gives them time to actually miss each other. They seem to clash a lot .

Caitlyn’s been really stressed out because she’s always just over broke and has no money to save to even do anything anymore. I’m here to help her but she feels bad asking for help. I should buy her a present or something lol I know some things she wants. I definitely gotta smoke her up more.

I started that 30 days of writing, Write Yourself Alive thing. I wonder if it’ll help with my shitty grammar, boring vocab and terrible pronunciation problem. Haha. I have a lot of stuff to work on, the best part though is there will be no reviews, critiques, or grading AT ALL. Because fuck that. There are forums part in the “writer’s cafe” that people get to talk to each other on and it’s encouraged but not absolutely necessary. I like reading what people say, some people be writing fucking paragraphs in replies and I’ve already learned two big words lmao amalgamating and lexicon. I didn’t know either of those words. A lot of people write because it helps with their depression or anxiety, I really want to copy and paste on here what people have said but I’m on my phone and I don’t have time. I don’t think I have either of those things but my dad has said he thinks I’m depressed. Actually the last thing I wrote was pretty fucking whiny and awful lmfao. I mean, I most definitely write when I’m upset, because it’s a release! But it doesn’t mean i feel like that all the time.

I have to get ready for work blah.

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