Really weird how on the ride home from the hospital last week, Caitlyn brought up not drinking for a while and that it went for everyone. One week later, we’ve got a fridge full of alcohol.

Cody told Caitlyn he has money and he wanted to drink. Caitlyn told me and I said cool, just no alcohol left in the fridge. Caitlyn said of course.

Yeah okay. Alisa works the overnight for the next two nights I guess so she won’t be home when they drink. Cody bought like $50 worth of beer and liquor. I guess Chelsea and ley will be over to help drink. Besides that I have to close all weekend, I really just want to have a clear head. Last time I drank was at frickr’s on Wednesday and I didn’t bring any of it home with me but I’m also over 21 so it’s easier idk


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