“sorry i haven’t written, i’ve been in quite the mood” -bayside

“everyday it’s kill or be killed” – atreyu

“Back in school they never said the world was split up into sides
they called them those who kill and those who die” -bayside

definitely been listening to a lot of ADTR. they are angry and motivational and great.

i also want to note that Amber Pacific’s “Truth In Sincerity” will always be a flawless album. i’ve said it before and will probably say it forever. been listening to that album since my mom passed, that song “temporary” was ACE. but i feel like that whole album speaks the TRUTH IN SINCERITY lol get it.

i’ve been spending a lot of my free time trying to finish up Fly A Little Higher by Laura Sobiech. i seriously wish i could spend hours reading. i’ve only spent like 2.5 or 3 hours at most. I’m at the point of a year before Zach’s death. i keep fucking crying lmao. but i really love that book. i absolutely love reading about his cancer process. i only wish i was older like laura (zachs mom lol) when my mom had cancer because i was so shitty compared to her. if only i knew about hemp oil back then too BUT ANYWAY

I also love how she keeps hopeful and brings up prayer and putting faith in God. it helps a lot. and Zach does nothing but stay positive and the face of death doesn’t even phase him. He stays positive. If this is the only life you get, why spend any moment angry and miserable? i mean obviously he got miserable because of the worthless medicine of CHEMO ugh but at least he had a good head and a good heart. i’ve got all of his (a firm handshake) cds and listening to it sometimes just really reminds me to calm down in life hah

a lot of my old high school friends (nobodies) commented and liked one of my recent facebook posts. i miss them dearly. i will NEVER have a better group of friends as them. so i’m done having friends for real.

“don’t fucking trust anybody” -daniel wright, september 1st 2006.

(i got high the 2nd time ever that night, i’ll never forget haha)

my dad sent me this cute card literally the day i made my last post or something. but it was just perfect. i called him the other day and he was SOOOOo happy it was crazy lol we haven’t talked in a few weeks. i’m just really happy i have someone like him in my life.



i don’t know why but he always capitalizes the first A in every word that has an A in it, even my name, it’s so weird! i’ve told him about it but he always does it.

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