At MJs in dayton. Caitlyn is making her debut performance tonight as a drag king. Her name is Caiden Battle lmao I love her.

Even though Mj’s is mainly a gay guy bar, it’s so much better than The Masque. Things that MJs has that The Masque doesn’t: wifi, cheaper alcohol, stronger alcohol, pool table, dart game, lottery games, a computer thing with games, a jukebox and probably other shit lol Basically MJs has shit to do lol

MJs just recently changed locations and this new place is nice, I’m very happy there’s no more artwork on the walls of naked dudes



Instead they have cool shit like this ^

Caitlyn’s around back somewhere getting ready, the show starts in less than 10 minutes. I’m just chilling with Cody. Alisa and Chelsea are supposed to show up soon too or something. That’s gonna be awkward.

Alisa stole like 3 of my CDs and Caitlyn’s hair dryer. She had the nerve to ask for her apron back for school (she’s a hair dresser) and she said it’s like $67 and doesn’t want to pay that lol she did just get fired but she bragged to all of us how she’s getting like $5000 in taxes back or something like that, I could be wrong because I don’t really remember but that’s what her aunt told her because her aunt did her taxes for her; it might have something to do with her being pregnant recently idk

Caitlyn’s getting like $2000 back because of being in school I think so that’s badass. I haven’t done mine yet. I should get on it

I have to wake up at 6:30am, I probably shouldn’t get as drunk as last night ugh lol

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