jasmine died 2 years ago and i am nostalgic as hell. i am literally in a different lifetime.

i wrote this may 25th 2007, it is actually hilarious

“i cant wait till i can live on my own. im gonna get a nice house. and the walls are always gonna be covered with band pictures. and im gonna have a puppy or a kitten. maybe both. and some guinea pigs and/or bunnies. and i might have a friend for a room mate but i would probably be living by myself. and im gonna work at a pet store and somewhere else. its gonna be kewl. and im gonna be going to gay bars and stuff every weekend ahahah”


“laughing so hard i couldnt breathe and not leaving the park until the cops came.
thats definitely gonna be a memory when i get older. lol”

” my mom says she wants to live with me. hm. i didnt really want to but the way she talked about it today, she made it not seem so bad. she said she’ll clean up after me. lol but she’s gonna be living with ME, i’m not gonna be living with HER. just so thats clear. i’m gonna have to tell her i’m lesbian around then if she doesnt figure it out first. so she wont think its weird that when i come home in the middle of the night, i bring home girls not guys HAHA KIDDING haha i aint no whore.
well right now i’m not but i can’t really say the kind of person i’ll be then.. i’ll be like 20 or 21 years old. haha. wow. anyway.”

“im fat and digusting. my own fucking friends said that. god its so fucked up.”

my girlfriend is about to wake up in 5 minutes, i should like stop now lol

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