i wanted to update before i take a nap.

i am really so over having so many animals. it’s tooo much. it’s just, like 3 of the cats don’t always use the litter box and obviously spike is going to have accidents too. it’s too much that i don’t want to deal with. not to mention, having 7 cats gets VERY expensive with cat food and cat litter. only 2 of the cats are mine!!! when i first met caitlyn, i had 3 cats and she had 3 and i told her to cut it down to one because i just got rid of having like 6 or 7 cats and of course she picked the pregnant one. great. i don’t care how cuddly the kittens are, my jack and sam are the only ones i need. caitlyn works so hard cleaning the carpet, but it’s not fair that she has to do that to herself. i don’t even want to clean the cat litters anymore because it’s absolutely digusting how shitty and pissy it gets in just 2 days without doing them. being that the majority of the cats aren’t mine, i quit. i quit cleaning them. i work 50-60 hour weeks and i don’t want to deal with that stress anymore. i’m just gonna leave it up to caitlyn to take care and clean after the animals 100% from now on because she needs to see the severity of this, which i really don’t think she does. i wish she would get rid of them somehow. but she just keeps cleaning and cleaning and cleaning…

not to mention, once summer time comes, caitlyn LOVES to just let spike out to run around in a non-fenced area without a lease (really fucking stupid but whatever) and there’s bushes all over that ticks and bugs will live on and guess what. spike comes inside, and brings it to the cats. it’s going to be such a huge issue and caitlyn is absolutely oblivious to it.

that seriously pisses me off, i don’t want anything happening to my jack and sam.

i’ve never had any hope for this apartment we’re living in to ever be nice and orderly for more than a day, so i really don’t care much at all about cleaning. i’ll do dishes but i literally don’t care. i can’t.

i just hope that one day we have a stable home. with less than 5 animals. not 5. LESS than 5.

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