So there’s this “favor” Caitlyn’s been doing for “me” this whole time we’ve been in a relationship. Something I didn’t even notice.

Not smoking cigarettes.

Apparently that just effects me. It has nothing to do with her health or well being. And it has nothing to do with her being so much more attractive to me. Or maybe that was part of some sort of favor.

This is only about me being happy with her. Nothing to do with for herself.

Then she posts on Facebook (so she can receive all the wonderful pity party attention) “don’t do anything nice for anyone, they’ll just fuck you over”

Please god tell me what the fuck I ever did.

Then she texts Stephanie asking how she’d feel if she gave up spike, and I bet anything that has something to do with me too.

Maybe it’s time to just get rid of me.

I can’t write anymore I have to go or something

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