Just got home from working at Lakota, it’s usually on Thursdays but school was cancelled yesterday.

Yesterday I was supposed to be there at 7:00am but I woke up at 7:15 to candy calling me… I was so dead. Wednesday night Caitlyn did some drag performances and I had drank because I’m stupid. I shouldn’t have sat at the bar. I had a shot of liquid marijuana, two Long Island iced teas and then me and Sebastian shared a pitcher that we didn’t even finish. The first LIIT I had, I swear it tasted wrong, like it had soda or something but I realized later it was just EXTREMELY STRONG. I was seeing double and everything. I was so fucked up.


But yeah the schools got cancelled and no one knew about it till 7:30 so that was ridiculous. Caitlyn’s doing another drag show on the 11th, I really hope I can restrain myself to not drink… Idk wtf to do with myself if I don’t..

I wanted to work on some writing right now but spikes too hyper and I just can’t. I have to go back into Trenton later 8pm-close so I should probably just read a little and nap.

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