I constantly feel like people just want to hurt me, and use me for all I can give them.

This past Wednesday, Caitlyn did another drag show and we were dropping Sebastian off at home. It was really foggy. It looked like a zombie apocalypse. We were wondering what we could turn into weapons just in case some random disaster struck place. Sebastian said he had a knife so at least we would have that.

When he said that, I couldn’t help but unnecessarily feel like he was going to stab me from the back seat.

He gave me no bad vibes, nothing. It was completely 100% in my head.

and all the drag kings Caitlyn tries hard to be friends with, I can’t help but feel like all of them couldnt give a shit less and she’s wasting her time with all of it. I don’t know how she feels, miss positivity she is, but I get the feeling of being a total outcast, loser. But I guess I feel that way a lot anyway. Idk.

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