today was a very warm pretty day. i saw that tomorrow will be gorgeous all day too. this is awesome.

i looked at the weather for Beacon and the forecast there is cloudy, all day. that sucks. so happy to not be there…

chelsea actually worked for once tonight. caitlyn told me some stuff about her, ley and alisa so i asked chelsea to see if it was true and it is. alisa, chelsea, and ley aren’t friends anymore because alisa asked ley to have a 3some with herself and jimmy. fucking gross.

chelsea also told me that last time they hung out, alisa had heroin on her. alisa told chelsea that she only tried it that one time and she promised to never do it again. 95% of the time alisa is a liar so i’m doubting that. i told caitlyn tonight i bet anything she’ll be dead by the end of the year.

the other night, i watched the To Write Love On Her Arms movie for the first time. IT’S SO RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. it sorta made me think of alisa, because it gave me the feels. and she liked emotional movies (the perks of being a wallflower) i almost wanted to contact her and say hey, this movie made me think of you but then i remembered that she hates me.

but when chelsea was telling me about alisa tonight, i honestly feel like i really was the bad friend, for not getting her any help. this girl is absolutely out of her mind. nothing she says or does should be taken seriously at all, because nothing she does is from a stable mind.

we weren’t even friends for like 3 months or something but i’m worried. i wonder if i should try to like, reach out to her or something. at the same time, there’s nothing i could actually do to help her. i should just forget about it.

on the bright side: spike’s been getting better, training wise. Putting her in the cage REALLY made her INCREDIBLY more obedient. it’s awesome. i feel like i can actually trust her now, not all the time, but most of the time. that’s awesome. keeping the cats locked up in the downstairs bathroom for a while seems like it helped too. but i still think i need to buy more litter boxes and maybe keep them in the bathroom for a while longer.

i’m worried that now that summers coming closer and bugs will be out, we’ll have some sort of bug problem. every year at my old apartment, i had a problem with something… ghats, ants, termites, fleas, flies.. something. i feel like this place already has had problems with bed bugs/cockroaches. oh well whatever. life will never be perfect.

i was going to read before going to sleep tonight but then i started drinking. i don’t want to drink anymore because i’m alone so i can’t drink too much lololol. apparently thats what my friend Belinda does all the time, get drunk alone. i miss her. i might have to kidnap her in april lol.

idk what else to write.

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