hi wordpress…

i just ate 3 mini “egg” bagels with this cream cheese thats called veggie garden or something like that. im fat i know. but it rocked. now i’m drinking iced tea i made out of the coffee machine, it has caffeine in it. i’d rather drink tea over coffee. too much coffee makes me feel like shit.

i think the last time i got drunk was monday and caitlyn and i definitely woke up slightly hungover on st patricks day. lol.. i lost my ID and credit card monday but i found them both yesterday (thursday) in the pocket of my white shorts that was put back in the dresser.

Losing stuff while drunk is probably a sign of alcoholism, i’m just glad i found them. i’m definitely tired of being incoherent all the time.. i want to stop drinking so much..i just feel like it helps me enjoy life but if i can’t remember anything, i might as well be deceased.

reading is a fun escape from reality, as long as i can keep my mind focused on the book. i’ve been watching Better Call Saul, it’s a sequel to Breaking Bad. it’s super good. i’m definitely a fan of Vince Gilligan. the guy’s a fucking genius. i love playing Mahjong.i have an app on my phone.Once i beat it, i’ll probably delete it and find another Mahjong app. Sudoku has always been fun too. Both those games are brain exercises.

I haven’t even smoked weed in a while. Apparently i did monday while drunk but other than that, i just feel like smoking weed makes me paranoid so i DON’T want to smoke before bed anymore. but if i smoke during the day, i’m worried it’ll just make me lazy and i won’t accomplish anything. i’m not always unproductive but i’m afraid to risk it. i’m fine without it basically. i still love weed and i’m for it a million percent. it’s just that i personally feel the need to lay back from weed and alcohol for a bit.

i’m very happy i have two days off this week but it only means my check won’t be as big.  i’m very happy the past few weeks i’ve been opening at least 2 days, it’s SO nice not fucking closing all the time. i just hate routine. i would hate opening all the time too.

i need more 70 degree weather days… it was like that on monday. and i made a fire and it was fantastic. saturday supposed to be like 65 or something and gorgeous.same thing for wednesday except it’s going to be stormy.

caitlyn and i need a date night. we also need to save money lol.

i’m going to read now before work at 4

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