so much shit man.. wow

i can’t believe i only updated 5 days ago. honestly that is a really long time. i wish i made a habit to update more everyday

-cody and eric are moving out next month, racheal and kala are moving in. cody and eric will be living in racheal and kala’s place now and racheal and kala will take cody and erics room.

they don’t have much stuff, their apartment now is VERY small and definitely VERY cheap. kala is 24 and racheal is 19 or something. kala has been living on her own for 7 years, kinda like me lol. they’re much more responsible than anyone we’ve lived with so far and they actually don’t like to go out and party or even party period. i am definitely no longer a fan of parties. too chaotic. they’ve been dating only a few months longer than me and caitlyn and they both work full time, and they actually want to split bills 50/50. i thought we should just do it income based but i’m down for 50/50 too. i just hope they really mean that. no one else we lived with HAS HELPED US AT ALL FINANCIALLY. no one has really been draining us either, i don’t feel like but no one has helped at all. actually pretty much everyone has only stressed us out more.

-seeing Off With Their Heads tonight in KY and then roadtripping to Cleveland to see Caitlyn’s friend Randi, and also seeing Bayside, Senses Fail and Man Overboard at the House Of Blues in Cleveland. should be back Sunday early morning. Caitlyn has not had enough sleep in days and i hope she can find some sleep in the car. i still need to purchase blunt wraps so i can roll blunts for the car ride.

– here’s the craziest of shit…… last night eric was home alone. cody went to see family or something. i was at work. caitlyn was at class in dayton. caitlyn came home last night between 9 and 10… to a fucking swamp of water everywhere downstairs. eric is so ridiculously sleep-deprived (seriously that motherfucker is never sleeping and always drinking) that when he came home from work to take a bath, he fell asleep in the bath with the water running. he could’ve died. i guess he woke up and water was EVERYWHERE. there’s a vent on the floor in the bathroom, so it poured through there, EVERYWHERE in the living room. kitchen, hallway, everywhere. the ceiling cracked open too and the living room light won’t turn on.

Caitlyn tells me what happened, she’s livid. the worst part is eric said he didn’t understand what happened, he think a pipe burst. i call emergency maintenance from work and they’re here within 5 minutes. the guy takes pictures and says he has to file an incident report. he said no pipes burst or cracked, the tub had to have overflowed. but eric still lied to caitlyn. the guy says that someone is going to be over in about an hour to dry up the carpet. i got home like 2 minutes after the guy shows up. complete mess. i tell caitlyn that if eric lies to my face im kicking him the fuck out right there. so i go into his room and i asked him to tell me what happened. and he’s honest, tears in his eyes, and he said he fell asleep with the bath tub water running. he feels awful about it and i can tell he does. the kid has no self esteem. he must’ve lied to caitlyn as his scared first reaction but still, lying should never be the thing to do. i told him he better apologize to her today because caitlyn is still furious. AND I WOULD’VE BEEN TO IF I HAD TO COME HOME TO THAT SHIT, FUCK.

But yeah, eric seriously needs to catch up on sleep. for the rest of the time he lives here,i feel like i have to make sure that mother fucker sleeps now. and this day in day out binge drinking seriously needs to stop. it’s funny caitlyn thinks i need AA. i mean i have some sort of decent self-control and morals at least! there have been several times where i wake up to someone puking in the toilet!! it’s ridiculous. Anyway. there’s 5 powerful fans blowing air all around the carpet to dry it up, and it already feels worlds better but there’s still a lot of dampness. the guy said he wanted the fans to blow for about 48 hours. he came by like a half hour ago and said he’ll probably be back saturday or sunday afternoon but we exchanged numbers so he’ll call. i told him i won’t be back till sunday afternoon but eric or cody should be home hopefully. i also said our door’s always unlocked so he can just come right in and do whatever he needs to do.

As for all the water damage to the ceiling, and living room light, i really don’t know. i don’t know what this incident report is going to mean or how much trouble we’ll be in. i’m definitely afraid of next months water bill but i will hunt eric’s ass down to make sure he helps if it’s outrageous. i told eric shit happens and as long as he recognizes he fucked up, and as long as he helps to fix stuff, and as long as he apologizes to caitlyn, AND STARTS GETTING HIS REST NOW, he should be alright. shit happens, it really does. i was definitely furious last night but after i confronted him and he was honest right upfront, i couldn’t stay mad. he genuinely felt terrible about everything. Shit. Happens.

-ANOTHER REALLY AWFUL THING. so Samsara got outside like a week ago and i didn’t think it was bad because ALL the cats like to go out a little bit but they’re ALWAYS back only hours later at MOST. Not Samsara. She came back days later, i’m not sure exactly how long but she came back this past Tuesday night. Starving, obviously and fortunately. But she had hurt her front right paw. i got really scared thinking she broke it or something. but she still jumped up and down the bed and still walked on it, just not much. i called the vet place wednesday morning exactly when they open at 8am to make an appointment. so they made an appointment for thursday morning. i originally wasn’t going to work but then candy later on asked me too and i only have a little less than 40 hours this week so i didn’t want to turn it down. caitlyn also worked also. so i rescheduled it to today at 12:15. by today, some CRAZY ass wound on her back, near her tail appeared. it was pussing like a bitch, and it stunk bad. freaked me out more, but her front, right leg seems to be better.

the vet finally checks her out and they gave her a shot and gave me 3 syringes of antibiotics for her once a day, a cone, and they also found another abscess on her back. so there’s one on her front right leg, left side back, and by her tail which is the WORST one. it’s like a gaping hole; absolutely disgusting. they made it seem like this kind of stuff is normal, it’s just from bacteria or something. but she looks diseased. i hope she gets better asap. she’s still eating and drinking although i haven’t seen her poop or pee. she’s definitely just been isolating her self and sleeping a lot. i actually locked her up in the downstairs bathroom. so i’ll see if she’ll poop or pee. she has a surgery on monday to stitch up her wound by her tail because it’s so huge.

I think i pretty much covered everything. Oh wait there’s also a shit ton of drama going on at work. it started sunday. it’s also because of the assistant, katelyn and her sister lindsey who also works with us. they hate me basically and they’re telling lies to candy but candy knows the truth and she’s sticking up for me. i love candy lol she loves me too ❤ it’s because i’m actually a fucking good worker unlike these two. plus they’re literally just starting drama, it’s stupid. katelyn for some reason is just very vengeful and EXTREMELY jealous of me lol. i mean she really is! i don’t even care, i feel complimented lol. lindsey works about 10 hours a week, katelyn works 20 and i work 40-50 so i’m kinda a bigger deal than them. i mean this job pays my bills. they’re just temporary.

caitlyn should be home soon. we should nap before the show tonight, we have a long drive ahead of us tonight to cleveland too.

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