I still feel like I have alcohol in my system. I didn’t even write in my last post that I was sick from alcohol. I peed 3 times already this morning/afternoon and I haven’t even drank half a bottle of water. I told Caitlyn I’ll stay off alcohol till may. I even said I’ll be sober for her birthday, she wants me to be so her and her mom can be drunk all they want and I can be the coherent one haha. I hope it’ll be a lot of fun, I mean it should be, WE’RE GONNA BE IN VEGAS. Just as long as we don’t die on the plane ride, God only fucking knows how much this plane ride has been freaking me out, I actually dreamed of a plane crash last night actually. I heard they serve alcohol on planes though.

I feel like living with all these shitty people the past few months has really fucked me up, I’m a mess. I need myself back. Being in New York this past weekend really didn’t help so much. I just miss people too, people who actually cared for me. I mean who knows. I cried seeing my moms grave again, it sucks that’s where I have to go to visit her and I saw jasmines grave the first time and the two trees that were planted for her, one at the Beacon Community Center and one at Memorial Park. 

Chilling in Sammy’s backyard was awesome, 3 kids were with us too. Everyone’s grown up and it’s nice to see. Kids can force that upon people lol.

I gotta get ready for work.

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