Yay it’s 4/20

I did not request off work. Unless there was some special event to attend, I’m seriously not about to take off work just to smoke weed all day haha but. Candy gave me today off. I mentioned it to her after I realized and laughed and she said she did it on purpose and she gave me Tuesday off too so I can recooperate, I’m pretty sure she was joking back lol. Shes so awesome, she said she missed me while I was in New York. Candy seriously loves me so much, if things turn out well visiting Arizona, I don’t know how I’m going to break it to her that I want to move there. I just can’t stay in Ohio forever. I need something new.

My girlfriend is sleeping in bed and she’s not really wearing anything but she wakes up for work in like 1 hour and I would really like to help her wake up ☺️

Candy hired this guy back at Dominos and  he told me he knows where to get  shrooms so I’m thinking I know what I want to do for my 24th birthday. That would be insane.

I want to lay down or smoke more weed or something

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