Belinda got me and Caitlyn to watch this show kinda like Orange Is The New Black called Wentworth. It makes OITNB seem like a cartoon. It’s so hardcore. And depressing. Idk if I can handle anymore episodes tonight. 

We went to Red Lobster earlier and I had a Long Island iced tea that made me feel like shit. Tomorrow morning Spike is getting spayed and we’re picking up a bunch of wood from Candys place so I can burn it ☺️ She said she had a bunch she would give me

Today my bottom left wisdom tooth has been making it’s way through and it’s KILLING ME. I WANT TO PUNCH SOMETHING. That and because wentworth is making me feel fucked up.  We should probably sleep soon. Writing feels really good though. 

I really miss Belinda. 

Sleeping sounds wonderful

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