I got this letter from my dad and it absolutely pissed me off and just embarrassed me. The cleaning job he’s talking about in the beginning is the job that Caitlyn’s sister Stephanie has and she actually works for her and Caitlyn’s mom. Caitlyn/Stephanie’s mom is like a supervisor for something I can’t remember off the top of my head but it’s just a GUARATEED job when we move out there, dominos isn’t but more than likely I’ll be hired because dominos everywhere need assistants lol who knows maybe I’ll even work two jobs. But he’s saying how I wont be able to afford it as if we haven’t looked into apartments already. Stephanie works full time and makes checks like I do. The only thing I feel would suck about that job is you cant always get the days you want off like for a concert or something idk. Dominos is very lenient when it comes to that. Apartments are just like ohio in prices. He acts like having 10 animals in one apartment is even allowed in Ohio… And he was prejudice about Mexicans… LET ALONE ALL THE SPELLING AND GRAMMAR ERRORS. Which I know I’m not perfect either but I’m better than THIS. I mean he always capitalizes his a’s for some reason idk why so that’s just his thing honestly but the wrong form of there aggravated me lol


I think it’s funny how he knows Arizona is so much farther away but that’s literally it. The only difference is  whenever I visit New York now, I’m gonna have to take a plane. I don’t even know what he means when he says he won’t be able to assist me. I really don’t. I don’t think he does either. 

Whatever time to get high and watch wentworth. OMG this show is badass

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