Caitlyn’s catching up with me on wentworth , which is good. She wants to watch the episodes together but idk how that’ll be possible with our work schedules.

I went to the dentist for the first time today and the dentist agreed that I definitely need to get my one tooth out for sure. They gave my teeth an X-ray which was pretty cool to see. My teeth (besides the asshole wisdom teeth) are absolutely perfect lol actually the dentist said I still had a few baby teeth still which is funny, idk how she could tell. 

My consultation with the surgeon is on May 18th to decide whether I want all my wisdom teeth out or just the one that’s being a pain and also which pain relief option I’ll take. Having only the one tooth taken out will be less expensive but getting them all out will probably be the best/safest idea in the long run.. I can’t decide if I want a shot of novacaine or to be put under… I think id probably prefer to be put under but the novacaine will probably be cheaper… Hopefully the consultation will help me make a final decision. As for now I can help keep my tooth clean with salt and water and orajel lol. Mandy also gave me more 800 mg of ibuprofen but I haven’t needed them in the past few days. The pain has gone down a lot but I’ll hold on to them just in case it comes back. 


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