OMG I just had this burrito from this popular place here called Los Amigos and all I can say is I AM A MAN DOWN lol or woman down whatever but IM DOWN. 

We’re going swimming today and today is actually one of the cooler days so thats lame lol I don’t even know where we’re going I’ll probably just try to get tanned or something.

This place is a freaking paradise. I need to start paying attention to band tour dates to make sure concerts come close around here, I already checked warped tour and literally the closest date is something like 3 or 4 hours away so that’s bad. There’s like 2 or 3 dates that all seem like 1-2 hours from each other in California so that’s some bullcrap. I’ll die without concerts. I’m really not ready to do without them in my life.

Stephanie has something less than 20 CDs and honestly I don’t even know more than half of them but the ones I do know are alternative metal/rock bands. They are good bands though, she’s also HOPEFULLY helping me and Caitlyn get weed tonight. We were craving it so bad last night we almost went to the store just to get a black mild YUCK because we wanted to smoke something, their mom does NOT support weed unfortunately but she did say she doesn’t think it’s any worse than alcohol so that’s okay, she also said she hates the smell and I asked if she thought it was worse than cigarette smoke and she said yeah so that’s lame as crap

Idk if we should go swimming today it’s only 73 and mostly cloudy. :/ it just sucks because Caitlyn and Stephanie are getting matching tattoos tomorrow and I guess they’ll have to be careful with the sun on it and chemicals from a pool so yeah idk what we’ll do 

I just don’t want to go back home, besides for spike and the kitties. This place is super nice it’s a 3 bedroom with a 3 car garage, brick wall backyard, SO MUCH closet space and storage and it’s only $850 a month. We could afford that with me Caitlyn and Stephanie. Kira is only 13 but omg she was carrying me on her back yesterday lololol god with them two, we really don’t need friends, they’re so much fun to be with as it is

Okay bye my burrito has been digested 

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