There’s so much to write about. The past week was beyond incredible. It was so nice to be able to spend all that time with Caitlyn. Meeting Caitlyn’s mom and sisters. They are fucking amazing people, I absolutely feel so close to them already. I love Caitlyn more than life. 

The plane rides were completely insane. It was definitely a thrill and only worth it because we survived. Airports make me emotional af and taking off/landing has made me cry ridiculously. I hated that.

More and likely doing shrooms on my birthday? Thursday night going into Friday should be interesting. Tripping into my mid-20s lololololol

I need to make a list

  • Get that jacuzzi room at Red Roof Inn.
  • Get balloons
  • Get coloring book and crayons + markers

Wow it’s already 5am piss off. I’ve got hopes and dreams.

Hopefully moving away somewhere between December and June. 

I have to go to the dentist on Monday ugh that’s gonna be scary.

I’m looking forward to my birthday, I’m looking forward to celebrating without getting drunk and shitty lol. Hopefully it goes gracefully.

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