Lol I’m so broke I’m delaying the auto payments on my phone and electric bill. I need fucking alcohol money for my goddamn birthday lol Shrooms obviously isn’t happening. I had it all planned out so perfectly in my head too so that was a let down but I don’t remember the last time I even got drunk so idc to have some liquid cocaines lol and natty daddys and anything very strong that will make me sick and throw up the terrible feelings in the pit of my soul. 😈

Kala and Rachael are moving out June 3rd . They’re moving to TN because Rachael’s mom is sick , or so she says lmao idc

Caitlyn promised me after this no one else is going to move in. So this place is completely ours, for the first time. People have been living with us the first 6 months here. 

And these 6 months have all just been shit. I mean, I can’t believe before I met Caitlyn that I actually wished I had more friends.

I’m pretty excited to have it be just me and her. I feel like things are going to be so much more peaceful, and calm. 

I told Candy I wanted to move to Arizona the first day I came back to work and she started crying. She’s still very upset about it and she tells me any bad thing about living in Arizona she can think of. I mean at least I’m not leaving her in 3 days. I did that to my boss in NY I think oops. Caitlyn wants to finish school in ohio instead of transferring to AZ and she won’t be done till March. The lease ends in December , i don’t know if I’ll have to sign a year lease again or a month by month one or something. We don’t know exactly when we’re leaving. I’ve estimated it’s going to cost at least $5000. We are both broke as fuck right now but we both have good credit lol 

I looked at my arm the other day to peel sunburn and realized I have two moles kind of next to each other and I made a smiley face and honestly it really made me so happy, how fucking lame am i…. When I texted Caitlyn and Steph, they totally just understood it and thought it was awesome too and while others said I was really stupid. Maybe they were just making fun of my humor but hey at least I have Caitlyn and her family now ❤

  It’s genius. How could I regret it.

  This is Stephanie’s cat, picture stolen from Stephanie’s snapchat story, I mean seriously I don’t need to explain why I posted this.

 ^is that believable

Silversteins album is so good. The song with the French title is one that stands out. Caitlyn told me it means “I remember” it’s so cute how smart she is. Knowing random shit and stuff. I also like Desert Nights. Shane sings “I’ve been drunk for seven days” LOL. Caitlyn’s favorite is the first song A Midwestern state of emergency. It’s a good song.

I want to go lay down with Caitlyn the cats are surrounding me

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