My birthday was nice, we took spike to the dog park, it was so cute how happy she was❤️

On the 21st I had off work but Caitlyn had work and then school. I picked up a bunch of wood from Candys to burn and I burned it ALL in 6 hours LOL. When I was chopping up some pieces with my axe, I hit the back of my head somehow lololol I actually had a bump on my head too and Caitlyn told me I shouldn’t have any more unsupervised drunken fires LOL. I bought $40 of alcohol from Meijer and only drank like $6 of it… Talk about unnecessary. When Caitlyn got home I was magically still coherent and we went to the Old Street Saloon, a gay bar literally down the road from us in Monroe. 

While we were there, I only had a liquid cocaine and an electric lemonade and I didn’t completely black out but I was fucked up finally. And then Caitlyn got invited to do a drag performance the next night!! That was awesome

Then we went home and smoked and fucked and caitlyn randomly gave me rainbow flowers somewhere during this time frame and then I took like 5 ibuprofens and the next day I drank 4 bottles of water within 2 hours of waking up and caitlyn made breakfast and we went to the dog park and we’re gonna go there again for our anniversary because it’ll make spike love us more and we want that. 

My consultation about my teeth was on the 18th and the surgeon was a very nice black lady and she wore a black and white polka dot dress lol but yeah they’re all coming out idk when yet it was going to be on June 8th but candy told me she really needs me to work that day because she’s going on vacation that week to gatlinburg, TN (idk if I spelled that right) so I’ll have to schedule it on a different Monday.

I don’t have any feelings to update about except I wish caitlyn would update 😭 and I really want a coffee

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