I just realized Racheal and Kala unfriended me on FB. How long it’s been like that, idk. I’m not really surprised I guess. But really, sometimes I wonder why it’s really so hard for me to maintain friendships. As soon as someone has a problem with me, I just give up so fast. I’m trying to think of all the problems people had with me. 

Olivia moved out first but I can’t remember why she did. Apparently she’s over it all and is comfortably living with her boyfriend now as far as I know but we never ever hang out with her anymore, like we used to in the beginning.  

When her and Chris moved in, they never really asked for that permission , they just moved themselves in and we just allowed it because they were our friends.

Chris hates me because it was “asking too much” of him to just have one chore of taking out trash while he lived for free with us. But I feel like it was really something in my words that might’ve made him flip out. Caitlyn and I had a huge argument about drama with him, she defended him even though she thought I was ultimately right and that really confused me.
Him and Olivia always called me and Caitlyn their mom and dad and that still legitimately pisses me off. 

Alisa was a mess of a person. We shared the same birthdays and she liked good music and I really liked her. But when Chelsea and Ley lived with us for two weeks, she got angry with them so she got me involved and the anger she gave me caused me to say things I probably didn’t mean because only hours later I apologized to Chelsea, I didn’t even have Ley’s number. Alisa found out how pissed I was because Caitlyn told Alisa everything I vented to her. I like to vent to my girlfriend although sometimes she has a way of repeating my feelings to others so that kinda sucks. Alisa probably thought I was immature for that, venting to my girlfriend, without my knowing she was going to do that. Apparently Alisa told Caitlyn to wish me happy birthday though and she added Caitlyn back on FB. I also heard she was doing heroin months ago. I miss her personality though. 

Cody and Eric. Cody was a dumbass and Eric is a psycho. 

Racheal is a critical as fuck cunt, kala is deaf but blatantly stupid for dating someone who lies and is controlling as fuck. 

I am so excited to be living alone with Caitlyn again for the first time in 6 months. The only other person I’d be okay living with from now on is any of Caitlyn’s sisters. We also decided on Phoenix. Because it’s affordable, and warped tour goes there. About 5 hours from Vegas and 6 from Los Angeles. Lol so those will be irrelevant I guess.

Only for now. Maybe one day we’ll live in California. 

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