Today marks a whole year officially dating Caitlyn and Oreo’s kittens being born. I’m still very happy with Caitlyn so that’s a good thing. She’s pretty sweet. The kittens went from innocent fuzzy beans to fat little fuckers.  So funny how we could never get rid of them, they really are our love children. Spike is our little love beast ❤

June is pride month, it’s gonna be crazy. 

I always feel like I have so much to write about until I actually start writing. I did want to say how one of my co-workers told me she thinks I’m a really nice person. She said I was nicer than her, which was just weird since she definitely has more friends than me and is more friendly to everyone. So I was telling some people what she said because I thought she was crazy but no one really gave a response back of approval or disapproval. Then she said “well at work you’re a boss bitch but outside of work, you seem like you could be the nicest girl” or something like that, she definitely called me boss bitch LOL and I told her that I’m really not that nice because every friend I’ve had in the last 6 months all hate me now but then she sent me this on Facebook  

It just cracked me up and made me feel better about myself that she thought this way about me. She says if I’m mean it’s only because I don’t put up with bullshit. Caitlyn tells me a lot that I don’t have any patience. 

Yeah, especially when I can’t sleep and I have nothing to knock me out lol that’s like the only reason I’m even writing which is terrible. 

Ugh after I finish the alcohol I bought on my birthday, I kinda don’t want to drink for a while.. Except a little at pride festivals lol but I don’t really intend to drink at the Dayton one this saturday. I need motivation back in my life. Money, too. Indianapolis pride is June 13 but idk how long we should stay at the festival because I’ll probably just be obsessed with OITNB and want to watch that. 

I need to relax and fall asleep before this 12 hour shift tomorrow 🌀

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