Today was a really good day. Racheal and Kala moved out, Sam and his roommate Alex came over really quick because Caitlyn bought weed from Alex and today was actually the first day we met Alex and I can’t believe he used to be a girl! Sam is a FTM trans too but Sam still has a high voice. I guess Alex is taking testosterone though. They talked about being trans and Caitlyn Jenner and gender roles and MAD stuff, omg they’re super smart though, I love them. Alex claims himself as a total hippie, apparently knows where to get shrooms but he prefers acid and I guess we’re all going camping sometime this summer. LOL.

I’ve been watching this show called Breakout on Netflix about prisoners escaping from prison, it’s super interesting. I really liked episode 6 “Ohio’s Most Wanted” I really felt bad for the guy when he got caught. I can’t wait to watch the last episode “Escape To Vegas”

Dayton pride is this Saturday!!! Then OITNB starts the following Friday, then Indianpolis pride on the 13th and then I get my teeth taken out on the 15th ugh and then Columbus pride on 20th and Cincinnati pride on the 27th


  I had a really awesome fire last night.

  I unfortunately know people who still want to call Caitlyn by Bruce. So disrespectful.

Pitbulls apparently aren’t allowed in my neighborhood… LOL I’m pretty sure this is my new neighbor 

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